Public Advocacy

Become Working Families’ Most Vocal Supporter

Building a groundswell of support requires assistance from higher up the food chain. Public advocacy at the local, state, or federal level can help address the need for access to affordable, high-quality childcare. In addition to direct benefits to your organization, public advocacy can impact and build capacity in your community at scale.

Public advocacy is a long-term commitment that can positively impact your brand and establish your industry leadership and influence. It often involves partnering with existing childcare coalitions, but realize that it can create scrutiny on employer investments in childcare and working parents.

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Employee Performance
Organizational Growth
Brand Impact
Community Standing
Next Steps

What You Can Do

Identify key influencers

Your state and local chamber government relations teams can help connect you to the key players. Elected officials and local and state advocacy organizations can be some of your biggest champions.

Learn the landscape

Understand how childcare is funded and regulated in your areas of interest. Explore the existing childcare policy agendas that can be supported or leveraged.

Build grassroots support

Get your working parents involved in the advocacy effort, as well as others in the supply chain, such as distributors and vendors.

Determine your advocacy agenda

Assess your asks and positions relative to other public advocacy or policy agendas you care about.

maze-strategyDevelop a strategy for advocacy

Consider collaborating with other employers or chambers to maximize impact. Seek out existing coalitions. Incorporate parents’ voices into your advocacy efforts. Get to know the key players and their public agendas. Identify budget and legislative priorities that represent opportunities for influence.

Maximize your impact

Look for ways to increase your impact by collaborating with other employers and/or chambers Incorporate working parent voices into your advocacy.