Working Family Support

Help Working Families Find Support

Many existing organizations and programs are designed to support working families looking for affordable, quality childcare. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Employer Resource Networks (ERN®) can be used to disseminate resources and information and create formal networks of working families to support each other and provide the organization with input and feedback. EAPs are an easy way to disseminate organization-vetted resources or vendors for working parents.

Using these resources is a great first step because it costs little to nothing. An ERN® can help working parents connect with one another, share resources, build community, and jointly suggest possible solutions for the organization.

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Next Steps

What You Can Do

Identify the current situation

Determine the resources currently being provided to working families, understand if they are well-utilized, and see if your EAP program includes information about them. You can use the survey link below to better understand the needs and challenges. Check if your organization already has a working ERN®.


Build upon current efforts

Look for opportunities to update your EAP to more effectively disseminate resources and information by asking your EAP provider about expanding what more they can do to support working families.

Expand resources

Listen to the needs of working parents directly, and consider offering more resources through the EAP to better meet their childcare needs. Investing in the ERN® program can also provide additional support options. ERNs are private-public consortia whose purpose is improved workforce retention through employee support and training. You can connect with your local ERN® through a variety of community programs.

Create open lines of communication

Determine what ongoing data and feedback are needed to stay responsive to families’ needs.